Space Shooter Mobile
As I wanted to try mobile game development, I decided to expand the Space Shooter tutorial I did earlier and added lots of features and the project is now getting close to a full game (which I maybe complete later and publish). Here is what I changed: I changed how asteroids behave - they have random speed, travel on a random small angle, can collide with other asteroids, each following wave has more asteroids then the previous one. The asteroids come in larger groups which makes them harder to avoid. The player is now controlled by the touch input and follows the finger position. The game is paused when there is no touch detected. The ship shoots automatically and the fire rate is reduced to increase difficulty. Added 3 menu screens (main, restart, pause) and added high score saving functionality. It now has a feeling of an asteroid field survival game instead of a classic space shooter, which I like.
Nikola Pivcevic
Software Engineer