Space Maze
Updated 3 years ago
Available on
Gear VR; Android; iOS

VR game “Space Maze” will keep you thrilled all the way through!
Find your way out of the cosmic labyrinth avoiding traps, asteroids and drones.
Test your mettle in Space Maze, only the fastest, smartest and the most agile will survive in the alien tunnels of space labyrinths!
Face the challenges as you race to the end relying only on your wits and reflex to avoid the dangers it holds!
You pilot a spaceship of your own in a futuristic world filled with dangers and excitement which will keep you thrilled all the way through!
The game “Space Maze” was created exclusively for Gear VR Samsung, Oculus Store to ensure an unusual, adrenaline-filled experience for you.
The game contains 15 increasingly difficult levels. If at first you will face only obstacles and asteroids, the drones will enter the fray to challenge you later down the line.

Collect Upgrade Capsules to unlock new ships and modify the ones you already own!
The game includes 5 ships: Blade, Hammer, Saw, Pike, and Trident.

Key Features:
15 unique labyrinthine levels
5 stylish spaceships
Tons of obstacles, asteroids and drones!
Innovative gameplay
Clear, minimalistic design.
Upgrades and unlockable ships