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About This VideoSummaryLanguage & subtitlesBONUS: (without letterbox)-SummaryA cinematic journey into digital space with a look behind the scenes and the eventful history of a special genre.In the nineties, space games were very popular to many home computer players. But in the 2000s, the genre disappeared from the game market with no apparent reason. The genre of space simulation was considered extinct.Now we are experiencing a renaissance. Particularly the independent scene is dedicated to this type of games. In the wake of the crowdfunding sensation “Star Citizen” by “Wing Commander” creator Chris Roberts, exciting computer and video games are being made especially in Germany, such as “The Long Journey Home” by Daedalic, “X4: Foundations” by Egosoft and “Everspace “By Rockfish Games.“” is not a making of and not a game report. The film wants to give an insight into the scene. It shows the people and characters behind the games. Furthermore, we will take a look at the history of space games with developers and game specialists like GameStar editor Michael Graf and the director of the Cologne Game Lab Prof. Björn Bartholdy and we will examine the mechanisms and peculiarities of the genre.-Language & subtitlesFilm language is mostly in German (with English subtitles available for those parts) and some parts in English. Additionally there is a bilingual subtitle track with English and German together alternating for when the opposing language is being spoken. For that, you have to select "Thai" as your subtitle language.-BONUS: (without letterbox)Especially for buyers of who own an ultrawide monitor, we provide a version of the film without letterboxing. The only difference to the main film is that it has no "artificial" black bars above and below. The reason why we have them in the first place? The subtitles! These are usually overlaid onto the film. By using the black bars, the subtitles don’t cover the image, but are being shown in the black area beneath. d859598525 Title: Date: 23 Aug, 2018Country: GermanyVideo Resolution: 1080p(2.9GB)Aspect Ratio: 16:9Audio: StereoRunning Time: 75 minutes Ativador Download
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