Space Escort Fights
Published 10 months ago
Hello and welcome to Space Escort Fights Pilots. It’s a space shooting arcade aiming to have a base management. This little project cost time to make, and suffering from scraping ideas due to time dead line rush. Its sure that many from yours can make it better and faster but its has nice experience to make and brings several realization to me. From beginning we take a maybe different approach in thinking how to use those
So without further delay, lets make our excursion.
On this project we work whit Cinemachine2D as a camera for player and Sprite shapes for backgrounds and enemies. Especially for extendible game map border and tentacles on alien ships.

As you can see a cinemachine is used as a resizeable border of map (that have several flies.) Then its used on tentacles as a fashion result in creation of aliens. Plus some auroras type background sprites.
I search for a way how to move/curl the tentacles in play mode, but I was unable to find any, not even try put and graph a inter point of the shapes. And I was not alone who looked for a way how to do it.

Your mission is provide a escort, cower, and resource hunt for your base in this area infested by alien life forms. Watch out the cargo on base. If you don’t have resources then you base dint produce a supply and ammo to guns. As you progress in game level the operable area of yours will extend and you will meet more deadly and definitely hostile life forms. (currently they don’t just look same) Take care of you production of support vessels and research to increase your chances of survival. The goal is to reach six level to warp out to home. And before we forgot to mention, the FTL drive was not included on site of you work. Pleas signature yourself here so you can be deployed on this lovely flight.

Game Play:
* Flying inside a space square
* Shooting alien life form
* Managing your Ammunition reserves
* I don’t now… maybe a pirates visit you sector or some other base will be found near as you are of effect will extend. Get managing you base, production, research, changing weapons and system composition to you like hood and even simple managing you fleets. (Not implement …yet)

Well… you're just lost in space swarmed by some aliens that don’t like you.

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