Space Dungeon
Published 3 years ago
We are a small software house made up of four people named as new, our strengths are problem solving and originality in doing so, we love challenges and we sleep a little at night.
Space dungeon is a third-person neon punk style video game, the player's goal is to overcome as many dungeons as possible before being defeated by enemies in every room.
You can play with friends or alone, you can collaborate or betray, there are no rules, just a world ranking.
The gameplay is frenetic and without interruption will keep you attached to the screen, every distraction will consist of an error, each successful risk will be rewarded, the game mechanics are simple and intuitive but at the same time original, we enjoyed experimenting with different styles of play until we did not find the perfect formula.
All players at the start of each game will start from a base with the same stats, as the player advances dungeon into dungeons will receive the currency with which he will enhance and personalize his character through the use of a skill tree but every dungeon overcome the difficulty increases.
The dungeons are random and have a different structure every time they are created although they are not infinite, the number of dungeons actually has an end but will be only the best to reach it, How far will you get far before being defeated?
Jamal Mohammad
LivingMeme - Writer