Space Adventure(WIP)
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Started a few weeks ago on an idea for a narrative space adventure game. I was in the mood for a game where I can just explore space and run into interesting situations kind of like an episode of Star Trek. So not much action packed fighting but some interesting decisions and consequences with pretty views along the way. The goal would be to make it as far out into space as you can with the supplies you have, when you run out you return to the Starbase to earn some credits and new perks based on your decisions, which give you better chances of making it further next time you go out.

I'm still trying to nail down the elevator pitch for the idea and want to explore other similar games. I'd love to know of some other games that might have a similar play style.

Orion Trail & FTL come to mind but they're both a bit more difficult and 'gamey' than I'd like.
Doug Burton
Software Engineer - Programmer