Space Adventure
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An adventurous space journey of various space ships.
Tap your screen to steer your rocket ship through space. Avoid the challenging obstacles and survive as long as you can. Fight your way up to the endless galaxy!
Can you survive all the obstacles to have an endless space ride or will the rocky snags trample your rocket ship? Play and find out how long your ship survives the adventure.
It’s the exciting, action-packed space adventure game where you fight against the nastiest obstacles you have ever seen!
Dodge the impediments coming in your way.
Collect power-ups scattered throughout the galaxy and aid your ship survive as long as you can.
Fire the drones, defend with shield, and use laser strikes to help clear your way in this thrilling take on space adventure!
It’s super easy to play. Just tap where you want your ship to move and up you go!
Remember not colliding with other incoming spaceships, rocks, or the walls! If you collide with them, the game is over!
Start with the basic Rocket ship. But as you move on surviving the odds, you will be unlocking aggrandized spaceships equipped with built-in amazing features. Keep moving forward in the galaxy, keep on unlocking more and more galactic ships and develop your space fleet. It’s the addictive, endless escapade through galaxy that you have never enjoyed this much before. So, all the astronauts! your spaceship is geared up and ready for departure.
Space Adventure DC features:
• More and more levels
• Easy and fast gameplay
• Super Easy to control
• Stunning, minimalist graphics
• Realistic sounds
• Thrilling to play for all ages; kids and adults
• Exciting power ups:
 Drone - Each Drone lasts 15 seconds.
 Laser Strike -
 Shield - Each shield lasts for 20 seconds.
• 6 classes of spaceships:
 Rocket ship – Start your journey with the Rocket ship. It is the first ship that will take you to discover the world of space.
 Space Fighter – Your rocket ship will upgrade to Space Fighter which is aggrandized with a Drone. Each Drone lasts 15 seconds.
 Space Bebop – The next upgrade unlocks the efficient and fast Space Bebop for you. This jet is able to strike the lightening for 5 more seconds.
 Freiza Ship – Next up, enjoy your ride with Freiza Ship which comes along with a built-in shield. Each shield lasts for 20 seconds.
 Mars Ship – Your journey in the Mars ship comes with an astronaut who gives it one free repair.
 Millennium Jet – Enjoy your ride through space in the mighty Millennium Jet! This special jet comes along with its own shield having no time limit. WOAH!
Not only that, you will be able to choose your favorite from these 6 to play the game once you have unlocked all the ships. Isn’t that amazing?
Let’s see how far you can fly!
Try to get as far as you can with your space ship by cautiously maneuvering your way through the galaxy. Be careful not to bump in to something though. Don’t forget to frequently collect power-ups, otherwise your trip might be shorter than you have planned.
So, what are you waiting for? The most thrilling space adventure game is here! Are you ready to embark on your journey in the space, pilot? Download now and let the voyage begin. Good luck for your adventure!
Adeel Pervaiz
Graphics, UI/UX, Illustrator, Digital Artist - Designer
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