Space 2D
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Space Presented in 2D (where available)
***This is a very old project. It was started back in the Unity 4 days. It has been in the vaporware state for more than a year. I only posted it as a tech demo of my programing abilities. However, if funding is found for this project, then I am NOT against the idea of resuming production on it***
As usual, this is another ambitious game that is beyond the scope of one man. It might be 2D, but it will have a very large feature list. It will be a sandbox environment where the player can do anything from buying a small fighter to building a massive army of large dreadnoughts and battleships. These ships can be bought (in game currency) or design custom ships to build at a shipyard. Everything will be upgradable. There will be terraforming tools to change planets to suit your needs. Additionally, there will be stellar manipulation tools to do things like create and destroy planets and stars. These tools and others will exist in the form of components that can be placed on ships, stations, and planets.
The galaxy will be a very dynamic place. The stars will age. For example, a star will be born. It will go through stages then it will go nova. If the star has enough mass, then it will collapse into a black hole. Eventually, the black hole will fade away. The planets will also age and be affected by the birth and death of their parent star.
Look at the screenshots that show the galaxy. If you look closely you will see that they show the birth, life, and death of a star. Additionally, the planets are affected by temperature in real time and will change from lava worlds to ice worlds. Finally, Clouds and oceans also can form and evaporate based on its temperature.
The planets atmospheres are made of randomly selected gasses. Also, the oceans are made of random liquids. Additionally, the ground of the planets is made of randomly selected minerals. In the game you will have to mine, pump, and collect the different elements to build things in the game or sold to make in game money.
P.S. Don't look directly at the programmer art.
To Prospective Employers:
This project has a lot of custom scripts/algorithms that work. I did use some plugins for this project (e.g. Space Graphics Toolkit and pathfinding). However, I had to modify varies parts of Space Graphics Toolkit to make it do what I needed. Additionally, I had to procedurally create, place, and connect the pathfinding nodes. The three-room ship in the screenshots are created using only the data shown in the inspector screenshot. Using that data my scripts/algorithms procedurally create the rooms, it figures out where the walls go and places them, and it connects the pathfinding nodes correctly.
I have completed the scripts/algorithms needed to: create the ship object, handle pathfinding, generate a galaxy, make planets/stars age, and calculate/render planets based on temperature. Most of these scripts are stable and dependable.
I hope this project will show that I am able to: preform and understand A* pathfinding, procedurally generate objects, and create real time simulations.

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