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AR Spacial Audio Experiences
SoundWalk is a mobile app that allows composers to map sound experiences to GPS locations around the globe, allowing an audience to interact with these compositions by walking through the composed public spaces using their phones. SoundWalk is also a process that aims to create thought provoking and socially impactful experiences that utilize sound and physical locations as an artistic medium. Artists who wish to collaborate with the SoundWalk process will be asked to think deeply about the history of the location they'd like to score. They will develop a knowledge and understanding of the place that will allow them to express a truth of the space that doesn't necessarily present itself otherwise. It is with this understanding that they'll create an interactive audio experience for the space that both engages the audience and opens the audience to this understanding.
Kurt Roembke is currently working on a test experience for the SoundWalk app that is being made for a small park in Fort Wayne, IN, called Freimann Square. This test experience will be used to introduce the public to the concept of pairing composed sound pieces to physical spaces. He will also pair this launch with a questionnaire that will stir up dialogue about the experience. The information received from the public will help him figure out where the next experience will be mapped to and how it will be produced.
After this testing period, he will then find a new location and deeply study its history, design, current use, and original natural state. He will then find an artist to compose a piece for the space, using Kurt's findings to inspire their creation. The experience created through this process will hopefully convey a depth of reality of the selected space that is not otherwise realized.
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Kurt Roembke
Developer / Music & Sound - Manager