Sounds of War
Sounds Of War is a multiplayer FPS powered by Unity5 and created by seven devoted developers over the past eleven months. The goal for Sounds Of War is to be a fun and enjoyable FPS for competetive play! Currently there are three gamemodes in the game; Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, and Conquest. Free for all, Search and destroy and more will be added in the future. We have a advanced player profile system. You can create an account and log in, see all your stats; Kill-Death Ratio, ect. There is also a dynamic clan/squad system. You can create a clan, or join one of your friends'. If you're in a clan, you can see if any clan members are online. We currently have two maps in the game but the number of maps is unlimited because any player can create a map and play on it without downloading anything. Sounds Of War is in very early development so many things are going to be added, removed, or changed in some way.
Eser Conkel
Programmer - Owner