Updated 10 months ago
Possess and escape from the slimy hands of grave diggers
You're a Soul sleeping away the rest of your life on the safe hands of gargoyles.
You are special. You have the ability to possess and move small creatures and ancient things.
But there are people who want to misuse your powers and want to capture you.
You have to avoid getting into their slimy hands and move to a safer gargoyle to rest.
You can move around for a limited time before you vanish into thin air.
Created by: Gorkem I, Oskari L, Maimuna S, Izzan BS
Genre: Stealth, Puzzle, 2D-Platform


SoulShot is a stealth and puzzle 2D platform game where you're a soul with possessing ability that has been awakened from a long slumber by grave diggers looking to steal and exploit your abilities. Your mission is to escape the castle using your possessing ability without being detected by the kniving diggers.


  • Drag and release to control the orb (mouse and left click button)
  • Target the orb at and posses chandeliers, spiders and fallen vases to move around (WASD buttons)
  • Avoid the lit area surrounding the grave robbers else it's game over
  • Its a race against the clock so the orb needs to find and reach the other gargoyle within 1 minute

Visual Assets

Level Design

We are currently working to add in more levels and objects. Progress in our development will be noted here. If you're curious then keep watching!