Souls of the Elements
Updated 10 months ago
Souls of the Elements

This is a 2D Top Down RPG with great story. We want to make it feel like the combination of the Obsidian games and 2D Zelda. Because of the short time, we didn’t make it a playable DEMO. But we will release a more fun and playable one on our own websites next year. If you like it, just follow our website. (
We set the value of the z axis using the value of the y axis, because the camera render the object with lower z value first.

In order to get the collision we used collider on their foot and set the pivot at the bottom in order to make it feel more natural. The size of box collider simply means the space that the item takes on the ground.
For building the maps, we made a tile set. And to make the pixel more beautiful, we used the pixel perfect and set the pixel snap.
We are sorry that we didn't bring you a playable DEMO. But if you like RPG, like epic world settings, you should certainly follow us.
Created by: He Xinghan & Su Liya - Two high school students in China who likes games and creation.