Published a year ago
In development
Windows; Nintendo Switch
Soulgest is a journey to the super massive horizon
about falling stars, ancient gods and the song of soul
Soulgest is a third person adventure game with survival and gathering elements
The project is a dream coming to life, born from our passion for games like Legend of Zelda, Breath of Fire and so many nostalgic RPGs mixed with the survival mechanics of games like The Flame in the Flood.
You'll have to explore a huge open world as you will and survive the dangers in your travels while gathering resources and crafting the necessary tools.
Embark on a journey in a land where past, present and the imaginary blend.
As a survivor in a world devastated by mankind you will travel to the farthest lands to keep alive the hope of a new beginning.
Explore, fish, collect resources, face thirst and cold, mysterious creatures,
find the gods pray for them and fight the ancestral constellations to rebuild the Stars Route Map
Claudio Coutinho
2D/3D Artist-Level Designer - Artist
Thiago Lessa
C# - Photon Cloud- Json - AR - VR - Mobile - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
Windows; Nintendo Switch