Soul Of A Man
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Final submission

Hello everyone, this is our Neon challenge submission. Our team consists of three members: Toivo (Timur Ozdoyev), environment artist and digital exorcist, N (Natali Kayurova), our concept artist and harshest critic, and Andrew Indrikson, a diligent 3D monkey trained to push buttons. We are industry vets with quite a few years of gamedev industry experience. We've contributed art to a number of AAA titles as well as developed our own projects. You can see our work in Call of Duty games as well as multiple other projects.
Our primary sources of inspiration for this project were Blade runner 2049 with its' masterful cinematography, as well as Ghost in the Shell movie visuals, solograms and AR cityscapes created for that movie influenced the narrative we were going for with our submission. We also took a good deal of our inspiration in street art covering the walls of eastern european cities. It was important for us to show this environment as a living breathing space so we wanted to play around with the idea of street art existing in this space, created by its' inhabitants. We feel like the images created by N Kayurova for this entry really helped reinforce the atmosphere and really ground the whole thing in reality.

Conception and ideation
Our environment is a dystopian future slum basked in neon glow. We've tried to stray away from the usual visuals characteristic of cyberpunk aesthetic with its everlasting night, advanced technology and colorful holograms and signs. Soul of a man is largely devoid of vibrant colors, with lower levels dimly lit by neon signs and a lead-colored sky overlooking the landscape.
We are blessed to be living in an old european city where past and future create a very bizzare mix of history and technology, where Internet cables are wired inside 18th century stucco walls and where technology prevailed but slums never went away. So we tried to push this aesthetic of dark old legend fused with high-tech setting, because for us this atmosphere is very tangible, it is something that's 'in the air'.
There is a term 'tarp architecture' jokingly used in Russia to describe the practice of covering old decrepit buildings with colorful tarps to hide their unpleasant appearance. In a similar fashion a hologram projection is covering the only bright and vivid building in the distance. Seconds after, the hologram dissipates, revealing the real, dark and decrepit look of the building underneath.

Asset list
  • Shader Forge
  • Post processing stack v2
  • Cinemachine
  • VolumetricLighting
  • MCS Male
  • MCS Female
  • MCS Male: Lawless Survivor
  • Raw Mocap Data
  • Old Fund scene
  • music: Kai Engel – Daylight (PON II)
Below you can see our progress log in reverse order (topmost entries are the latest):
Work in progress Log#8
Work in progress Log#7
Work in progress Log#6 (color correction)
Work In Progress Log #5 (Rebuilding lights)
Work In Progress Log #4
Work In Progress Log #3
Work In Progress Log #2
Work In Progress Log #1


Toivo Glumov
Digital Exorcist - Artist
Lead 3D artist - Artist
Natali Kayurova
game developer - Artist
Nick Mao
a year ago
This is awesome, but also I'd like to ask, are those Chinese or Japanese in your scene? I think some of these words may not be used correctly, like "修复", we actually tend to use "维修" instead. Anyway, great work!
2 years ago
Game scene editor & maker
Toivo Glumov
3 years ago
Digital Exorcist
Ugur Isterlove this piece. I hope to see it in a full movie or even better game i can walk around in soon.
Ugur, thank you. Yea I hope too :D One day maybe
Toivo Glumov
3 years ago
Digital Exorcist
Thank you very much, Mykhaylo, we are preparing another article on , hope it will be useful for you.
Mykhaylo Kotys
3 years ago
Follow-up: And yes, I saw the article - that's not enough. I can make these kind of models - it takes a tone of time but SP made this real, what I cannot do is make the models look this good in Unity.