Sonar Magazine Issue 4
As Editor for the society Sonar Magazine, I would like to welcome you to issue four of our student publication. This magazine has come to fruition through hard work and dedication from every single member of the society and I want to thank every of them for their unrivalled commitment to the project. I first joined Sonar Magazine as an awkward fresher in 2016, and I could’ve never imagined I’d be here now, trying to fill out a few hundred words for the beginning of the magazine. Excuse me while I weep on the keyboard. Our focus for this issue was to highlight the talent and passion Southampton has. I feel like this has been reflected by the amazing amount of variety our content has this time around. We’re a society full of passionate individuals, and we pride ourselves in creating opportunities for students to dive into while at Solent. I took over the role of Editor near the beginning of 2018 and it would be an understatement to say it’s been a wild ride. I’m quite happy to say that the magazine has continued to attract talented writers and all round creatives and the future looks bright for the society going forward. None of this has been easy, but I’m loving every single minute. Our aspirations are big and our hearts are in the right place, which is what I’ve always wanted for the society. I was incredibly pleased to find out that October was the best month on record for the website, in terms of clicks and views. This is a testament to all the hard-working students who take the time and effort to create content for the magazine. A big thank you to every single person who continues to put in the effort for their student media. People are joining to write and contribute for the magazine because it’s a healthy and fun society that will always encourage its members to go further and do more. I can’t imagine where we will be next January when we publish issue 5, but I’m hoping we’ll be just as enthusiastic when we return. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for everyone to read some of the amazing content we’ve made this issue. I’ve been blown away more times than I can count by the sheer imagination and tenacity the members show. Hopefully, that transitions effectively onto the following pages.
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Robert Anderson
Freelance Journalist - Writer