Some Pixel Art Game (title TBC)
Updated 10 months ago
Submission Diary

UPDATE 01: What's the pitch?

A 2D side-scroller where players survive and battle with a Magitek mobile fort (think Howl's Moving Castle) in a post-apocalyptic setting, where sentient magitek are waging wars against their human owners (and have been winning thus far).
Similar to Kingdom: Classic layout and visuals style, players control a pixel art avatar traversing along a side-scrolling platform (likely 1 way exploration, instead of Kingdom's 2 way exploration).
Players don't have attack moves, their main goals are to scavenge for debris (e.g. from enemies' remains) to feed the magitek forge spirits (just like Calcifer in Howl's) to generate ammo for the various weapons installed in the mobile fortress.
Some examples of weapons:
  • Main cannon shooting conjured ammo, with user controlled trajectory
  • Forge blower style flamethrower
  • Pendulum axe swing

Challenge Objectives (for myself):

  • Complete the prototype (hopefully playable in some form) and the diary entries for postmortem studies.
  • Produce all art assets ENTIRELY in Unity. No Photoshop/Illustrator/Spine2D etc.
Will be adding a kick off entry next, touching on some Proof-of-concepts (sanity checks!).

UPDATE 02: Tests

  • Art Treatment/Pipeline Test
  • Using Spriteshapes and Pixel Perfect Cameras from the preview packages, I tested if I can 1.) Create pixel art entirely in Unity using spriteshapes, then post process them using pixel perfect cameras to get that pixelated look from "low-poly" spriteshapes.
  • 2D Physics Tests
  • Hack-ey 2D Hinge Joints setup for the mobile fortress.
  • Another quick test for physics forge blower (flamethrower). Yellow box is character.

UPDATE 03: Concepts and Tests

Next update: more designs and making it move!
9 months ago
10 months ago
Game Developer
Dude... love the art! Reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus.
Ryan B
10 months ago
Some really cool stuff, Marcus!