De León Legends
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In development
Oculus Rift; HTC Vive; Other VR
VR adventure simulation (Still in development.)
Crimson Tide Rising is the first chapter of the De León VR series.
De León Legends is a first-person Virtual Reality adventure/combat game for Oculus Rift, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality designed from the ground up with room-scale movement and VR combat mechanics in mind.​
Step into the world of De León, a pirate pursued by his past and haunted by the future; guiding him through a world that is slowly being consumed by a potent darkness.
Using a large variety of weapons ranging from pistols and cannons to swords. Fight through plagued villages, gallop through treacherous forests, travel the seas and use your skills to push back against the night in a game that features an instinctive combat system, deep haptic feedback, eye-catching environments, dynamic destruction, a carefully constructed story and innovative mechanics.​
Developed by industry veterans with over 40 years combined experience creating video games and interactive products for companies like Disney Interactive, Walt Disney Imagineering and Marvel Studios; De León Legends is a fully immersive experience that seamlessly fills the void of high-quality titles in the VR space.
Brief Gameplay Description:
De León Legends is a game designed for room-scale VR play, and its mechanics are designed to take advantage of realistic body movements that result in realistic world interactions.
While game play leans heavily toward combat, unique “non-combat” mechanics also provide the player novel ways to defeat enemies, defend themselves from enemies and interact with the environment.
The world of De León is geared towards a simulation. We made sure that all items and characters are governed by the set of laws that we decided to put in this virtual world. Explore very large semi-open worlds, with hours of gameplay.​​
• The user’s skill will determine how good they are in the game
• No help from the framework (cross-hairs, bullet trajectory direction to enemy location)
• User can create their own gameplay for example: locking doors, creating their own traps, and setting things on fire for their benefit.​
Core Mechanics Overview:
● Accurate ranged (and thrown) weapons combat
● Melee combat with haptic feedback
● Accurate material interactions and physics (break pottery via blunt force strikes, stick metal blades into wood and straw, etc.)
● Dynamic destruction
● Hammer & Nail “construction” mechanic worked into game play scenarios.
● Spreadable flames and combustible effects that can be worked into combat and game play strategies.
● Noise based attraction and distraction
Aldana Zanetta
Creative Director - Other
Supported Platforms
Oculus Rift; HTC Vive; Other VR