SOLID, Object Oriented Programming and Profiling w/ Unity 5
Develop a "Guitar Hero like" game with Unity 5.6. Part 2 : Design & Architecture, making it SAFE, SIMPLE and FAST!
A few months ago, I started to put together a new training series on Unity, to touch on things I couldn’t include in my former courses. To cover topics like data structure, custom editors, game events and player rewards, and being a fan of rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge, I decided to remake a similar game with Unity. Profiling wasn't meant to be part of my 2nd chapter, touching on the SOLID principles and Object Oriented Design & Programming with Unity. As I was implementing different designs, using C# events, interfaces and generics, mostly to demonstrate their benefits and downsides, I figured that if developers often disagree on such or such implementation, they ultimately come up with the performances argument. As I wanted to help people make their own opinion, I decided to add custom profiling to this chapter, and did well to do so, as it brought light on what was nothing but beliefs so far. Read the full article here :
Fred Moreau
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