SolarWind Actions plugin
A sophisticated framework that allows developers to build and execute any type of complex action sequence, saving hundreds of hours of work.
Asset Store link: # Applications SolarWind Actions has many applications. • Tutorials: Creating tutorials is much easier, as you can build very complex behaviors with a few lines of code, and then make changes just as easily. • Delayed execution: Scheduling code for later execution has never been more flexible. • Undo/Redo: Creating and executing commands and their reverse counterpart is effortless. • Editor Scripts: You can easily create operations that manipulate scenes, objects, etc, making your scripts much easier to build and maintain. • Callbacks: Actions are a much more powerful alternative to System.Actions when used as callbacks. • Animations & Sounds: The Action framework lets you handle sequences of animations and sounds combined with other actions very easily (tween animations are not included in the framework) • Business logic: Building a sophisticated business logic can be a lot more flexible. • Any kind of functionality: Having complex operations as standalone actions allows you to reuse large parts of your code in a very effective and elegant way.
Dimitrios Bendilas
Senior Software Engineer