SolAR is a solar system visualizer for the Meta 2 augmented reality headset. The application allows you to actually view the different planets in the solar system in 3D, right before your eyes. Users can reach their hands out and swipe to change planets, make a fist to grab the planet, rotate their hands to rotate the planet, and move their hands closer/farther away from each other to make the planets bigger or smaller. In addition, if the user looks slightly down they will see a panel with information about the current planet that is being viewed and can swipe on the panel to scroll up and down. There is a narrator who automatically reads the information presented and background music as well. Stars surround the user and each planet includes high resolution textures for added realism. The application was developed for the purpose of showing how augmented reality technology can make science education more immersive.
Tyler C. Roach
Virtual + Augmented Reality Developer - Programmer