Solar System VR
Solar System a VR application under development for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets originated with my interest in Astronomy. What did it feel like to the Apollo astronauts whilst in lunar orbit. Now with the power of high end VR headsets it is possible to generate a similar stunning experience and gaze in wonder at our celestial neighbour. Using NASA high resolution satellite imagery from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter i was able to recreate a lunar orbital experience using the Unity Game Engine. Coupled with a custom C# script to process input from the motion controllers of a Windows Mixed Reality Headset i was able to simulate flight through space and orbit around the Moon and other planetary bodies within our solar system.
The script works on a similar principle to those used in some of my other projects and Assets under review targeted at the Unity Asset Store. The same motion navigation script can be employed within other applications such as in Architecture, Interior Design etc.