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Graphic Designer Opportunity for only 10$ you will be able to understand what programs you need to use to create 3D, you will create you 3D Portfolio if you are smart you will also learn to code in C# because it's the only logical step to take as a graphic designer you are surly understand that creating a Pc Game is more then a offer, it's a dream job that will sell.
Help graphic designers realize that my product it's the only existing filter in 2018 that allows them to save up to seven years of graphic design experience with will result in a extra chance of a potential new "Minecraft Developer" witch dose not counter balances the possibility of finding by self the developer source witch is offered free by Google.
Let's give a fair example, if you open you Pc in 1 minute and you click more then 500 times a day to research on a particular subject that could be Adobe Illustrator so you may create one simple vector image in more then 3 hours after you stop to relax in one week you will practically create just 3 logo designs as a freelancer to have a chance to win one client, after you calculate these process that is a repetitive action for a income, practically you will focus on these activity at least 3 years while thinking about other freelancing possibilities so you may earn some extra cash, therefor I consider that you will not think about making a video game because you will consider to be a effort that exceeds your financial capacity or your energy, either way now it's possible for you for only 10$ or practically join the IT System that will allow you how to understand how a video games is created and create your first 3D Portfolio, it's a fair chance that can not be refused by individuals that only use laptop devices to play these games. I'm ready to split the profit with you, consider the fact that one business person can offer us access to a graphic designer database or why not access it with the help of a intermediate that is has authorize to share the improved product for a legal tax free profit, these means money, money means that I will be able to open a school in my country of residence plus other advantages that exist in these competitive environment were only the smart managed to maintain there profits, earn more time for potential investments witch result in a growth that can not be refused due to loss of interest in technology evolution, in 2018 we as a community are responsible for human lives so they may be protected from them selfs due to logical difficulties or the incapacity of adaptation to a particular situation in time for a positive result.
Share these message with the members so they may share it future on to graphic designers so we may establish some new connections for a better chance to get hired by multi national company's under our own conditions because I'm tired of running from these so called geniuses that can even create a proper offer so I may understand there business's economical activity under legal rights that they don't even understand how it actually works, it's said to see the fact that people don't manage to read the constitution once in the life and pretend that they have rights also very annoying and I will not socialize with these people because my time is important and these is a private discussion witch results in a profitable situation.
iOS App Intermediation Offer ( Earn 1000$ )
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