Social Electricity - Data Mining
Updated 6 months ago
Neon Challange WIP Project
"Well... We are social creatures after all"
Said the old man in a disappointed but obedient voice. He clearly did not like the idea.
"Folks started to adapt that damn social media in their lives even more after The Intervolution. You know that day when the quantum mumbo jumbo computers came in? Yeah... So people began to stop talking to each other more and more by the day."
The old man took a sip from his giga-beer. A pink-ish heavy beer created using data crystals. He yawned.
"After that day, posts, likes, photos and everything...They were posted everywheren rapidly in gigantic amounts. Then there comes this guy. Can't remember the name but I guess it was something like eola or aeolia and chenborg was the surname. This guy succesfully turned people's posts into real physical crystals. Later on, his son found a way to generate electricity from mining those data crystals and here we are." -- This is the rough setting of Social Electricity's world. There's no concept I based my work on but I did immediately think about a half-distopic / half-futuristic world when I heard about the challenge. It was just a moment of inspiration came from my mind.
Now about the scene; There's still a lot to do but the main idea is out there. I think the visuals and the first WIP video shows quite a good ambiance and feel. However there is at least one certain thing I'd like to indicate; Cinemachine is not incorporated in the project yet. I obviously used post-proc. stack, timeline and other assetstore items including my own pack but not the Cinemachine yet. Will do of course later.
The making of video is on its way. I recorded my entire process of approx. 20 hours and uploading a fast-forward 30 minute version to YouTube. Original WIP 1 video is below:
Packages used: -Awesome Effects - Complete Bundle (Çağlayan Karagözler) -Post Processing Stack v1 -Sci-Fi Modular Kit (Free Asset) -Hazard Signs Volume 1 (Free Asset) -Dreamscapes 2.0 (Shapes)
A few screenshots:

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