A game made in Unity at Train Jam 2017 Available for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux at
Snowpocaylpse is a game entirely developed aboard the California Zephy during Train Jam 2017. The jam theme was "Unexpected Anticipation." You find yourself in a grocery store three minutes until closing and you've got to prep for a coming storm. Dash through the store crashing into shelves to knock down items and collect the essentials! Once you've got everything head for the exit to make the news. Arrow keys or d-pad. Epileptic Seizure Warning: Rapidly changing color background Available for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux at Credits: Robby Dran - concept/writing/hype man/producer Margaret Clarke - art/animation/level design Shane Vach - music/sound/splash screen Tyler Gregg - programming/sound design Jonathan Decker - programming/technical artist Izzy Gramp - photography Special Thanks : Every passenger and crew member on the TrainJam Express.
Robby Dran
Product Advisor