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About This GameSnik is an extremely hard game that will test your reflexes, timing, aiming and planning ahead in a simple, minimalist interface.You control a dark blue colored ball. Clicking a position in the screen will make the ball travel to that position in a straight line. You need to collect all golden orbs to win.You lose the game by hitting barriers. They come in red, light blue, purple and green flavors.BLUE - Standalone, stationary barriers.RED - Rotates around a parent barrier in a circular orbit.GREEN - Moves along a defined path in a loop.BLACK - Stationary, disappears when a certain orb is collected.In some levels, you have orange colored purple orbiting around you. You need to protect them too! b4d347fde0 Title: SnikGenre: Casual, IndieDeveloper:CleverweekPublisher:CleverweekRelease Date: 4 Sep, 2015 Snik Download] [hack] I thought in my offline hours I would enjoy this game, even with the mixed reviews. Got bored after three levels.It is almost impossible to figure out the 'correct' way to do it to get three stars, and even more difficult to do it precisely, within the allotted time. In the end I just ended up frastrated at the precision required to complete a level.If you are looking for this type of extreme precision, by all means, get it. It just wasn't for me.. Now this game is quite insane - some of the reasons are good, and the others... not so. Snik is a minimalist skill / puzzle game, where you guide your black dot to collect yellow dots while avoiding black, green and red dots. The visuals are hard to believe (I've just described them in their entirety), the music starts out nice but starts to loop very, very soon, and the difficulty curve... what difficulty curve?Why am I recommending this, despite all the above? Because it's fun. After a brief introduction and a tame level 1, level 2 punches the player in the face with a genuine "you want me to do... WHAT?" moment, and further levels will occasionally present more of these. It's not necessarily the best game design, but I believe seasoned puzzle players will appreciate such reckless fluctuations in difficulty as an exception. I keep saying puzzle, because with a good plan, several levels don't even require skill / reflexes. And then, some do.I like Snik as it's a refreshing little game, it will keep you occupied for a few hours and gives a decent challenge if you want to three-star all the 24 levels. You won't get any Steam achievements as they don't work, but after all the above, it's hardly surprising :). Very frustrating game, just don't buy it.. Snik is a minimalistic game in "billard-style".At the beginning I thought it's impossible to beat. But now after 6 hours I have 71/72 stars earned. So No, it isn't's challenging!!! (Hint: You don't have to earn 3 stars in one run.)Try it out.... I editted my previous review to this:After trying the game again I found out that the graphics were at their lowest settings which made control of the dot to be poor and erratic. If you are having trouble getting the ball to react smoothly, maximize the graphics settings.After adjusting the graphics so that the game works I no longer regret buying it, per se, since it was only $.50 when I bought it.The difficulty rises very quickly. Contrary to what one reviewer claims, this is not a game for perfectionists. You need to be very quick and dextrous otherwise you will be quickly frustrated.
Karina Chen