smokeSCREEN VR aka Invite Only VR
Published a month ago
A serious game prototype to be used as part of a larger research study funded by Oculus. The gameplay will rely on behavior change theory and virtual reality to immerse teens in peer pressure scenarios related to e-cigarettes, and to educate them on how to best respond.
The goal for the first iteration will be to test the core game mechanics, and whether we are able to reproduce a peer pressure environment. We’ll examine it together with the play4REAL Lab to see whether this initial prototype met our expectations, what could be improved, and what would be the logical next steps.
The second iteration of the prototype will focus on resolving eventual gameplay issues detected in the first iteration, while making it ready for the play4REAL Lab to take to focus groups with teens for feedback and input for improvement.
In subsequent iterations, we will refine the gameplay based on testing results, including teen focus groups in the play4REAL Lab.
Once we have the final prototype ready, Yale will conduct a pilot study with teens to collect data on the preliminary impact of the smokeSCREEN VR intervention using standardized measures. The play4REAL team will also collect feasibility on the implementation of the research study, including teens’ experience with playing the serious game, as well as conduct a smaller exploratory study on teens’ experience of social pressure in VR.
Talia Goldin
Rapid prototyping is our game! - Manager