Smile Wars
Published 2 years ago
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Windows; Linux; Android
Smile Wars is a real-time strategy (RTS) game, fast and easy to learn.
On Smile Wars you can choose each part of your units: Body, Feet, Hands, Head accessory and a Special ability. They grant elemental aspects to your Smiles, giving them Water, Wind, Fire and Earth powers. This way you can customize your units with the best attributes for each situation. In this world, elements have advantages against others: Fire burns Air, that freezes Water, that pierces Earth, that extinguishes Fire. >.<

The objective of the game is to destroy your enemy Smile Fountain. To do so, players command an army of Smiles. Each Smile, according to its parts and elements, has advantages and weaknesses against each other. Players must keep a look on enemies Smiles and adapt their strategy. To invoke a Smile you need to spend Emotions, the Smile Wars resource. Emotion is obtained by having three Smiles inside an emotion vortex. Be careful! Defend your vortex, for only one player can collect emotions at a time. It is also by spending Emotions that you can enhance your Smiles attributes. Just research a part and it will be available when creating new Smiles. Create your Smiles with the best attributes for each situation and defeat your enemies! x.x

Smile Wars is a multiplayer only game and two players with two devices connected to the same local network are needed to play (and up to six simultaneous players are supprted)! These devices can be Androids or PCs and they can play together in the same game (as long as they are connected to the same local network).
The PC version is available for Windows and Linux, and can be downloaded for free at:

Our game was developed using an engine programmed by our team, the only frameworks used were SDL and OpenAL. All the Art, Music, Sound Effects and everything else was also made in house by our team. \o/
Luiggi Reffatti
Technical Game Designer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Portuguese
Supported Platforms
Windows; Linux; Android