Smash Dungeon
Published a year ago
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Windows; iOS
The love child of Gauntlet, Smash TV and Binding of Isaac, Smash Dungeon is an intense, dark, low poly, action roguelike in which you must fight your way through the procedurally generated dungeons.
Smash Dungeon is currently being developed by myself along with strong game design input from my son and lots of help from the asset store. It will be available for iOS and PC via Steam with the PC version featuring couch co-op.
Milrendir is said to be brimming with riches long forgotten, left behind after the Dwarves that inhabited were forced out of the area by something sinister.
As a member of the Golden Tooth Company, a famed band of treasure hunters and mercenaries for hire, you are the latest to attempt to plunder the depths of the stronghold, in your quest for untold wealth. What you were not told is that many before you have tried, and all have failed.
In the depths of Milrendir something evil stirs, and is growing more powerful by the day.
Do you have what it takes to destroy the evil within, and more importantly, claim the riches that lie beneath?
Procedural Dungeons
Smash Dungeon is a new game from indie developer Plastic Cow Games taking inspiration from arcade classics to bring you procedurally generated dungeon mayhem creating dungeons with traps, secret areas, shops and special rooms.
Hordes of Enemies
There are many enemies to defeat in the dungeons beneath Milrendir, from shambling skeletons, charging metal hulks, javelin tossing orcs, farting pigs and more - and that's before you reach the bosses.
To help aid you in your quest for riches there are many Relics scattered throughout the dungeon such as Mjolnir, granting chain lightning, Orbs of protection, Juggernaut Armour to help bolster your feeble stats and many more. Who knows you may even find some Legendary Relics.
Power ups
To further help in your quest some enemies drop single use items such as bombs that can kill enemies or uncover secret areas, phoenix flames to incinerate your foe, extra health and more.
Help is at hand
But if it all seems a bit too much to handle don't worry, play with a friend in couch co-op. Fight through the hordes of enemies, dispatching them in a variety of ways such as Melee, bombs, Phoenix flames, Chickaaan and more.
Scattered throughout the dungeon are a number of items to help bolster your chances of defeating some of the larger enemies and bosses, and coming away with the riches from beneath Milrendir.
Simon Taylor
Programmer - Owner
Supported Platforms
Windows; iOS