Augmented Reality Android Game, developed at Abertay University as part of a team of 8 students of various disciplines.
You're a modern day Wizard, and your phone is your Spell Tome. Players travel to popular locations in the real world to accept quests to take down monsters. Players draft their spells and go into battle. The original idea was to make a game that allowed players to interact with the real world. ​Personal responsibilities - 1) Researching suitable technologies and methods of implementing them to achieve our goal, including Augmented Reality features, UI, Networking, GPS, Google Maps, Augmented Reality 2) Implementing GPS, Google Maps and Remote Databases in Unity using C# 3) Programming C# scripts within Unity for Quest functionality 4) Programming and Designing UI I contributed to the concept and design, including planned features for the future such as World Bosses, Competitive Multiplayer, Laser Tag like mechanics.
Divij Sood
Virtual Reality Developer - Programmer