Small Barrista
Small Barrista is a prototype for a fast paced coffee crafting game developed for Ludum Dare 38 Game Jam. Project page:
The game places the player in the role of a small barista gnome inside a coffee making machine. His purpose is to fulfill the orders of customers on time in order to score points, by running around and picking up the ingredients in the right order
Take away: -Having a design document is worth it, it centralizes ideas, helps to remember them and makes it easier to prioritize features and organize tasks. -Pixel graphics are fun, but fairly work intensive. For prototyping purposes they can be created even by the less experienced. -Taking a little bit of time to think and plan code structure can be worth it even on short term projects such as game jams. -Delegating simple code writing to team members can free up the programmer to focus on the harder scripting challenges. -Having a buddy jump in midway to help develop music and sound can add a lot of charm and personality without impacting the rest of the project so much. -Basic UI is acceptable, but try to prioritize good UI next time. -It’s great to have an early build.
Team: Visuals – Alexandra Florea Scripting – Adrian Bogatu Music & Sounds – Vlad Nicu Game Design – Tudor Nimara
Tudor Nimara
In Transition - Student