Small AR demo of Vuforia and Unity 3d
I did this small AR thing done with Unity+Vuforia as the answer to several questions of potential client:

- can it be shown the UI controls over the marker picture?
Yes, as well as it can be done the 3d objects touchable

- can it be shown the video?
Yes, even the video with transparency. See small looped green liquid flow, it is exactly the video clip with transparency over the poster of Marylin Monroe

- can it be used the 3d characters at the scene for stuff like augmentation of the table?
Yes, you can see the small scene with a few dragons and coupleof walking people, and these people patrol the scene between invisible checkpoints (navigation mesh is used), dragons track the girl, smallest one follows the girl.
Constantine Khorunzhev
Looking for remote job AR, VR.MR - Programmer