Slyborg Assault
Published 7 months ago
In development
Mac; Windows
Group Project on unreal:

Slyborg Assault is a game developed using Unreal Engine 4. The player takes control of Carolina Robobo, a mechanical android who must defend her ship from attacking Slyborgs! The player can build and control turrets to stave off the encroaching hoards of slimy attackers.

The game features turret upgrading and possessing. The turrets that the player builds can fight off the enemy Slyborgs themselves, but the player can also directly control their turrets to give better control and firepower.
Did all the pathfinding , navmesh , movement , effects on slimes (little enemies )
UI Design and development
Data sheet
Core loop

abdelaziz Ben Yahia
Software Engineer - Producer
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows