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Linux; Mac; Windows
Slowdrive is a small racing game about the sloth, who returns home. Tricky short tracks, pleasant physics model and colorful low poly graphics.
Slowdrive is a game about long way home, but actually it's about your driving skills. The sleepy sloth left his home because of a butterfly effect (literally) and now wants to return. Road home is divided into very short (from a few seconds long) but tricky stages. To complete this hard path you have to hone your driving skills and learn every track.
Most tracks have multiple routes (remember: the shortest is not always the fastest) and some even contains moving platforms. Physics model is not quite arcade so watch your speed! Game has some visual car customization, but there are no performance upgrades - only your skills can improve the results.
  • 60 short but challenging levels
  • Unlockable visual car customization
  • Hidden collectible on every level
  • Ghost of your best result
  • Top-10 best results with ghosts for each level
  • Cute sloth
  • Controller support

Slowdrive is now available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux!
Dmitry Morozov
Game Developer - Other
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows