Slots Seasoned Slots
Published 2 years ago
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seasoned slots is a fruit machine game, with 4 seasonal slot machines, winter, spring, autumn, and summer, plus bonus game on each machine. Earn extra coins from the gift wheel, level up your avatar from simply playing the slot machines, or just being on the game with timed bonuses, quirky music, sound effects and music volume controls. Hand drawn artwork, can you unlock all the trophies...
seasoned slots, was made by JazzCreate Games who is a solo game developer and has made every aspect of this game, from sound effects, scripting, artwork, game design, publishing, the only parts that use third party are background images which are made using 3D-Forge asset from the asset store, and the music which is detailed in the games credits in-game. Seasoned slots offers in game purchases if want more coins to play with quickly, but also has many ways of earning coins from adverts, and playing slot games and levelling up your avatar. Hope you enjoy my game, would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks :D
Jarrett Mercer
Game Developer - Programmer