Slider Joint 3D
Published a year ago
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First version released! Slider Joint allows a game object controlled by rigidbody physics to slide along a line 3D in space. The object can freely move anywhere along the line in response to collisions or forces or, alternatively, it can be moved along by a motor force, with limits applied to keep its position within a certain section of the line.
This joint uses the Configurable Joint component to make objects slide. You can use this joint to construct physical objects that need to react as if they are connected together on a line. For example:
• A platform or hydraulic cylinder which can move up or down. The object reacts by moving down when something lands on it but must never move sideways. You can use this joint to ensure object to never moves up or down beyond certain limits. Use the motor to make the object move up or down, with a specified pushing or pulling force. Then, use the spring force and damper to hold the object in place.
• A sliding door, sliding a door panel along a set of horizontal rails. Use the motor to make the door move left or right. Use the limits as a stopper at either end to prevent the door from sliding right off the track.
Emiliano Martino
Systems Engineer - Programmer