Slider Hunter
Updated a year ago
In development
Android; iOS
A game inspired by Dark Souls and Bloodborne, simplifying the gameplay by just having to make hand gestures on the touch screen of the mobile.
Actually is almost finished, but the art part is in progress and some enemies are on development.
I hope to launch a beta as soon as possible.
A little more about the game:
In the world there are thousands of creatures, only a few have the courage to face them, in your case a curse has fallen on you and your family that will prevent them from having access to paradise once they die. Your cruel destiny tells you that to save you you must kill every beast, but ... After 5 years, there seems to be no end.
It is said that in the city of Orelia, in the grand cathedral, there is a father who can cure any curse, you have to see him, because soon everyone around you will be beasts, and you have to fulfill your destiny.
Vicente Contreras Lopez
Engineer in Video Games - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS