Published 4 months ago
In development
Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4
2.5D dynamic action game with 90's retro style.
Storyline will occur in Rendom. City of political corruption, gang war environment and battle between past and future.
Main character is girl who desperate to survive in cruel world. She’s ex-student of university and sociopath. Love candies and read comics.
After a serious incident in her life, one fallen angel decided to give her a second chance, giving incredible power. According to the usual scenario of superheroes who will do good. She decided to act differently. She wants to cruelly take revenge on the offenders and take God's forgotten place to clear it of a dirty plague.
In game will be present nostalgic things from 90’s. In example: Polaroid camera, tape player and Sony Trinitron TV and Macintosh, etc.

Sergey Rogozinnikov
Run for my Dream - Artist
Game Languages
English; Russian
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4