Slarty’s World Generator (SWG)
Published 10 months ago
Slarty’s World Generator (SWG)
Slarty’s World Generator (SWG)
SWG is a noise generator that is repurposed to fit into Unity’s Tilemap system. It uses the Libnoise add-on for Unity to generate noise. The world map created can be used like any other 2D game environment.
Perlin noise especially is perfect for creating real world like geographic features. However to achieve this effect it needs to be adjusted and combined with a variety of other Perlin noise data of various frequencies at varying densities.
The SWG creates a number of other features, such as Voronoi and Billow noise data.
1- Start with Billow
Here we are creating a terrain like map using Billow noise
2- Go on with Perlin
3- You can adjust levels of water and dirt to control more prominent geographic feature
4- Rigged Multifractal does not provide a terrain like map but can be used to enhance effects of geographical features later. Here we are using a Grayscale gradient.
5- Voronoi type noise gives a cellular effect to already generated noise.
6- Back to Perlin and some good looking terrain.
Here’s some examples what Perlin noise is capable of, when multiple perlin data is added together with varying intensities to produce more real looking terrain:

Eylul Atilgan
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