Skyfall: Crazy Falling
Skyfall is an addictive 2D infinite falling game. Great for time-killing, includes different game modes, many characters, store items and themes. This is the full description: GAMES MODES -Normal Mode: Move the skydiver to avoid the rocks, collect coins, diamonds and powerups to buy new skydivers! -Challenge Mode: Move the skydiver to fall through a small space between the rocks. Extremely addictive ! WORLDS -Earth 1.0 : Avoid the rocks -Space 1.0: Avoid the spaceships SHOP -Buy new skydivers to get a better chance of improving your score! -Buy new Worlds -Buy More Coins COINS AND DIAMONDS -Collect coins and diamonds to gain bonus points! Diamonds are rarer then coins and give you 10 times more bonus points! SHIELD AND DOUBLE POINTS POWERUPS -Collect the shield and be protected once if you hit a rock! But careful, they are very rare and not easy to get! -Collect double points and double your score, diamonds and coins collected for 15 seconds! Double Points is the rarest powerup so do not miss it! EASY CONTROLS -Control the player with left/right touch on the screen. (More controls to come !) LEADERBOARD -Challenge yourself by competing with others on Google Play Leaderboards! -Enjoy the game and don't hesitate to post a comment. For How Long Can You Fall ?
Alex Khoury