Sky Hangar
Updated 2 years ago
Look In The sky
Update 15/1/2018
The final Video

My principal inspiration is the sky city of Stars Wars. My second inspiration was the movie of tron where I toke some ideas
This is my concept Art
The hangar is a comercial place where the space ship can land and where the crew can have leissure activities and rest from a long voyage.
I had a lot of work in this project because i didn´t kow how to use the time line and the post prosesign stack very well.

update 2 14/1 /2018
A few images of the city and how is the life inside. Where the androids live most of the time. They help the people.

Update 6 /1/2018

At the begining I wanted a clean scene, but I change it because the city is in the sky where rains, has a lot of son and the environment has damage the city
I started with some textures and made some changes with Amplify Shader. I expend like 60% of the time learning how to use it.

Sketch of props

3D props and prefabs for the concept, some buildings for the city and some lights, energy transformers, some turbines, etc.

In this seccion I took the inspiration of one of the concept art by Georgi Simeonov (Wetland - Kegiri Mudhut Village)

Some Image with lighting and post processing stack

List of assets
  1. sci_fi Modular pack free
  2. sci_fi Barrels 40 samples free
  3. Amplify shader Editor
  4. Barril Pack free
  5. Bone tool free
  6. Bridge pack free
  7. Cinemamachine free
  8. Equipment for industrial free
  9. Steel ledder pack free
  10. Lens flare free pack
  11. omega Fighter free
  12. Omega _Weapon free
  13. post prosesing stack free
  14. Raw Mocap Data free
  15. RP free Rigged Models
  16. shmupShip sample free
  17. sky serie freebie
  18. space object free
  19. Recorde free
  20. Hx Volumetric Light

Raúl Eduardo Díaz González
Industrial Designer - Educator