ŠKODA Heritage VR
Updated 7 months ago
Available on
Windows; Oculus Rift; HTC Vive
Virtual reality is magic, making travelling in time and space possible and real. ŠKODA AUTO (Volkswagen Group) is a automobile brand founded in 1895 in the heart of Europe.

This brand had a wish; that all the visitors of car fairs worldwide could experience this kind of magic themselves. ŠKODA wanted to give a chance to people to drive a fabulous historic car, in the streets of Prague one hundred years ago! Anyone (and yes, that means you as well) can put on a set of VR glasses and travel to an exclusive setting beyond real time. Your guides will be the founders of Škoda Auto, gentlemen Laurin and Klement, who will take you on a private ride through the streets which are nowadays normally crowded with tourists.

You will sit behind the wheel of ŠKODA L&K 110 and drive around Prague Castle. You will even crash a wedding!

Sit back and enjoy the tricks created with a combination of various technologies, including a 3D photo reconstruction, a green screen shooting and a monumental single-shot 360° filming starring 100 actors.
Game Languages
English; Chinese; German
Supported Platforms
Windows; Oculus Rift; HTC Vive