SkinTools | skinning in editor
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♦ SkinTools is an powerful editor extension for create and modify skinned meshes
♦ Edit existing skinned meshes: Refine, delete hidden geometry, create Level of Details of already skinned meshes, blur weights, add or remove bones.
♦ Skining transfer(projection): Bind clothes to characters, transfer skinning from one character to another in one click. Blur bone weights, exclude undesired bones and mesh parts for perfect result
♦ Create skinning from scratch: Map Bones feature is an simple , powerful, precise, artist-friendly solution for make smooth skinning from scratch. Paint texture mask for each bones in prefered painting software then choise corresponding bones transform in Unity3d. That is all! You can mix transfer skin data and map bones methods .
♦ Non destructive skinning pipline: With SkinTool you can continue 3d modeling after skinning stage. Refine model, skinning and rig any time you want, just press one button to generate new one.
Andrey Volkov
independent developer - Programmer
4 months ago
There is literally no documentation at all and youtube videos are fully sped up. The email gives a mailer daemon notice. How do you expect the ones who bought the asset to use it ?
Drake Kazmierczak
10 months ago
3D Artist
Is this plugin for sale?