Skelewton's First Law
Published a year ago
In development
Windows; iOS; Android; Unity Web Player; WebGL
Skelewton's First Law is a 2D endless survival arcade game, as well as a multiplayer party game. Newton wakes up to find himself a skeleton in the afterlife, now known as "Skelewton" (Half skeleton half Newton), and has the power to manipulate the gravity.
Play the local multiplayer mode "Football Gravity Tag" with up to four players!
Avoid traps with Skelewton's gravity manipulation powers, and try to collect as many apples as you can without dying in the endless survival mode!
Use different power-ups to help you in the game, like the Ghost Apple and the Magnet Apple!
Purchase chests to collect a variety of items, like costume and paintings pieces!
Mix and match different costume pieces to create bizarre new looks!
Collect painting pieces for the Art Museum!
Upgrade your power-ups with the Book Of Upgrades!
Plant apple seeds and harvest different apple types in the Apple Farm!
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Windows; iOS; Android; Unity Web Player; WebGL