Simple Useful Gizmos

Simple Useful Gizmos
This is a free, simple asset that I created for myself a long while ago. Never published as it was a self-serving tool but I decided to put it on github to share with you all. It is a bit handy after all :)
A simple gizmo set which has 2 main functions:
1-Showing hidden and general info on one object or multiple objects including vertex count and total vertex count
2-Drawing useful and customizable visual gizmos around selected objects
It's extremely easy to use. Just drag the Overlay Controller prefab to your scene and that's it! Configure it to fit your needs. Feel free to improve and re-share it. I'm also open to pull requests too on github. Just do not change one line of code and sell it on the Asset Store cuz it's just downright mean :) that's it.
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