Simple Playlist Player (Asset)
Simple Playlist Player is an asset aiming to give developers the ability to easily configure a custom playlist for their games inside Unity without touching the source code. The only you have to do is to drag a prefab into your first scene, drag and drop your favorite tracks and... you are ready! It is a really good time saver that you can use in all your projects!
This package is designed for people who do not know or do not want to mess with code to have a playlist ready for their game. This is why the package will not require you to write any line of code to use it properly. Making a playlist in Unity is now as easy as dragging a prefab into a scene!
The code is as simple and well organized as possible. We provide you with 100 lines of carefully written, well-crafted and commented code. The source code is designed to be easily-extensible and really simple to understand. What is more, the comments explain how the code works and what each line of code does.
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Alex Kostas
Freelance Unity Programmer - Programmer
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