Simple game localization for Unity
Updated 24 days ago
Simple Localization plugin
This plugin for localizing the Text component in Unity. It uses a TSV file with keys and translated texts in different languages. Has a convenient edtior window for work with localization (change language, parsing file, testing).

What is the work pipeline with the localizator?

1. Create a TSV file with translations. A TSV file can be created using Google Tables. It’s quite a convenient thing for both game designers and developers.
2. You must rename the TSV file to Translations.txt and place it in the project resources folder: Assets/Resourses.
Why .txt? Because plugin uses Unity TextAsset class for parsing the file, which requires the .txt format. Why TextAsset? After the tests of different methods of reading the file, the TextAsset class showed fast speed.
3. Use all translated texts inside the game. Texts can be translated either dynamically using the Localizator.Translate method, or by adding the LocalizedText component to the required Text component. You can also customize certain styles of writing text.
using Tools.Localizator; using UnityEngine.UI; using UnityEngine; public class DynamicText : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField] private Text someText; private void Start() { someText.text = Localizator.Translate("coin"); } }
4. Test translations. You can test translations both with the unity editor (using the Tools -> Localizator editor window) and with the test buttons on the phone (use the Localizator.ChangeLanguage() method).
5. Correct errors (if they are of course). In case of unsuccessful reading of the file, its absence and similar problems, an error will be displayed in the localizer editor window + a similar message will be displayed in the console.

Why use this plugin?

  1. Very simple. You can figure it out in a couple of minutes - the best thing for indie developers.
  2. High performance. In the process of writing the plugin, a variety of input file options were used (XML, JSON, etc.). TSV turned out to be the most effective with much less weight (almost 2 times less than the above) and a high read speed of the file.
  3. Convenient pipeline work. The work pipeline offered by this plugin is quite convenient for indie developers.

How to install?

  1. Download SimpleLocalization.unitypackage from Github page and using UnityPackageManager.
  2. Download from Unity Asset Store page (will be available later).
Rodion Lodza
Game developer - Programmer