After releasing the 2D Tile Map Level Editor in the Unity Asset Store, a GitHub issue was created that the project did not build. Having used only the source code version, I confirmed that building was not possible since the Unity Editor namespace was required in the project. The namespace was used for the EditorUtility.OpenFilePanel and EditorUtility.SaveFilePanel methods used to save files.
A solution to this problem, would be to create my own file browser. After some research, I also noticed a great lack of free and open source file browser in the Unity Asset Store. So I created the Simple File Browser, which allows the user to browser their file system and to save and load file.
The Simple File Browser currently supports Windows, Mac and Linux computers and Android mobile devices, while iOS might be supported but is untested. A portrait interface was developed to better support the mobile users.
  • Easy navigation through file system
  • Save and load files
  • Enforce and filter on file extension
  • Search for files in each directory
  • Support for multiple drives

  • Support for mobile devices
  • Tested on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android
Open source and fully customizable to support the needs of your game