Silverbeard's Treasure Puzzle Adventure
You are Silverbeard, mighty pirate treasure hunter! Visit all 40 island levels to search for buried treasure. But first you've got to find the tools you need to exhume and unlock the treasure... without dying in the process!
Arr! Somewhere in the Caribbean lies untold wealth. Can you figure out how to use all of the treasure-seeking tools? Can you find all the keys that unlock the chests buried on 40 different islands... without getting killed? Welcome to Silverbeard's Island Treasure - my independently produced puzzle / hybrid adventure. If you liked older adventure games such as Monkey Island and Leisure Suit Larry, if you like challenging no-time-limit puzzles that require way more brain power than dexterity, and if you like pirates... this is the game for you!! Created by sole independent developer, Michael Fink, using Unity and Blender. Release date Apr 13, 2017 on iOS and Android.
Michael Fink
Founder, Game Designer