Silantro Flight Simulator: Piston Engine
Detailed review :

Engine Property Highlights:
1. Carburetor System to simulate engine power loss during dives or negative g turns (requested by John :)),this is demonstrated in both videos and can be seen in the Data sheet (86-89 and 91-96) the engine eventually turns off as the Supercharger is drenched with fuel.
This effect can be turned off by selecting the "RAE Corrected" Carburetor.
2. Different Supercharger combinations to provide pressure boost and performance improvements at high altitudes.
3. Torque Effect: If turned on, the torque effect of the propeller engine is simulated on the airframe i.e the aircraft tries to roll in the opposite direction of the propeller rotation.
4. Engine Data Logging: Various data values from the piston engine can be saved on the computer as a .csv file. The save file can be selected to either have "units" or not (Graphs can be plotted from values without units).
Data Files
1. No Units:
2. With Units:
Dada Oyedoyin
3D Artist and Game Programmer - Designer