Silantro Flight Simulator
Silantro Flight System provides AAA flight simulation physics in unity with very realistic engines and aircraft components, which can be easily setup and controlled.
* Realistic Engines: Turboprop, Turbojet, Lift-fan (Still under Development) and Turbofan engines with realistic performance dependencies such as: air density, aircraft speed and aircraft altitude. Thrust vectoring and variable exhaust nozzle also available for the engines.
Fuel system with support for multiple tanks (Internal and External), Fuel Dump and Tank refueling.
Flight Data Logging: Different flight parameters can be saved and stored as an external file with either .txt or .csv file extension.
*Hydraulic system for Canopies, Doors, Vents and other movable parts without External animations.
Health and Damage system: The aircraft, aerofoil surfaces, tanks and engines can all be destroyed in a realistic manner

Dada Oyedoyin
3D Artist and Game Programmer - Designer